2nd Edition of International Robotics Summer School: RobotCraft 2017

From André Araújo

We are pleased to announce the 2nd edition the international summer course RobotCraft 2017: Robotics Craftsmanship International Academy, from 3rd of July until 3rd September, in Coimbra, Portugal. Besides providing a general overview of the science and art behind robotics and teaching the basis, the course have a strong component of ROS, starting from the integration of the developed mobile robot during the course, to the high level AI routines implementation in ROS.

In the 1st version, RobotCraft 2016,

we hosted 65 students coming from all over the world, from different nationalities, with distinct formation fields and degrees, from BSc to PhD students.

The robotics international school is organized by Ingeniarius, Ltd in association with Faculty of Sciences and Technology of University of Coimbra, and the Robotics Group from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department,

The course will promote:

  • Concepts and theorems for the introduction to robotics, describing the history of robotics and its evolution;

  • Understand the potential use of ROS framework;

  • Integration of the developed mobile robot in ROS;

  • Development of multi-robots and AI algorithms in ROS;

  • Acquire C/C++ programming skills;

  • Acquire basic 3D modelling and printing concepts, applied in the design of robotic platforms;

  • Acquire basic electromechanical concepts, applied in the development of robotic platforms;

  • Understand the potential use of Atmel microcontrollers, using the Arduino platform;

  • Understand the use of sensors (e.g., range finders, encoders, cameras) and actuators (e.g., servo motors, stepper motors, DC motors) used in robotics;

  • Explore and apply the concepts of networks and different communications architectures to robotics;

  • Explore and apply concepts of artificial intelligence in robotics;

  • Consolidate concepts learned during the modules for the full design of a mobile robotic platform, including 3D design, electromechanical assembly, low-level and high-level programming, and artificial intelligence.

For more info please check, http://robotcraft.ingeniarius.pt/ .

See you soon in Coimbra!

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