ROS binary logger package

From Enrico Villagrossi

We would like to announce the release of the new ROS binary logger package. The package is designed to be an alternative to rosbag when:

  1. multiple and long messages acquisitions are required (the binary files have smaller dimensions)
  2. only the offline data analysis is required and no replay of the experiment is necessary in ROS (e.g. data analysis with MATLAB)

The usage of binary files allows to reduce the dimensions of the log files and allows to speed up the post processing of such files (e.g MATLAB spend ~0.1s to unpack 300MB of binary file). The package allows to record some common ROS message such as: sensormsgs/Imu, sensormsgs/JointState, geometry_msgs/WrenchStamped, etc... New message types can be easily added and the users are encouraged to contribute. Two MATLAB scripts are also provided to unpack the binary file.

You can find the code here: More information and a short description can be found in the repository.

Contacts: Manuel Beschi - Enrico Villagrossi

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