10th Anniversary Coverage

Looks like we weren't the only ones that remembered the ROS anniversary yesterday. Below are a few of our favorite (admittedly self-serving) quotes from some recent press coverage:

Wizards of ROS: Willow Garage and the Making of the Robot Operating System
IEEE Spectrum, by Evan Ackerman and Erico Guizzo

Evan Ackerman interviewed eight of the people involved in the early days of ROS for an amazing oral history of how ROS came to be.

"Could we actually create something that would enable people to build on each other's results rather than continuing this cycle of 90 percent duplicating what someone else has already done, with a little bit at the end of something new, if you're lucky." -- Keenan Wyrobek

"That's one of the things that helped the design of ROS, I think: From Day 1, more than one robot was running on the code." -- Morgan Quigley

"We were going to build both state-of-the-art hardware and software, with the goal of being a LAMP stack for robotics: You'd be able to take its open-source software, put your business model on top, and you'd have a startup" -- Tully Foote

"Across the board, the early adopters were adopting it without us even telling them that they should--they just saw it out there, thought it was cool, and picked it up." -- Brian Gerkey

"It's crazy that Willow Garage agreed to let us just put all our code out in the open. Not only did we do open source, we did it for real--a lot of companies will develop their stuff internally, and occasionally put out releases. But one of the things that this anniversary celebrates is that we committed to every commit that we did being in the open, on a publicly available server. I think it's an amazing thing for a company to decide to do. We basically gave away millions worth of work product, and that's a big deal." -- Ken Conley

Happy birthday ROS: A decade of open-source robotics
ZDNet, by Greg Nichols

"You can point to a lot of seminal moments in robotics history, but this is a top contender for the year modern robotics was born."

The Origin Story of ROS, the Linux of Robotics
IEEE Spectrum Guest Post, by Keenan Wyrobek

"In this post I want to share some untold parts of the early story of the Robot Operating System, or ROS, to hopefully inspire those of you currently pursuing your 'crazy' ideas."

Powering the world's robots--10 years of ROS
Science Robotics, by Lin Zhang, Robert Merrifield, Anton Deguet and Guang-Zhong Yang

"...the success of ROS also relies on contributions from a vibrant and highly productive community that has gathered critical momentum."


10 Memorable ROS-based Robots
Robotics Trends

Robotics Trends took a look at 10 memorable ROS-based robots throughout the years.

Find this blog and more at planet.ros.org.

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