ROSCon 2017: Introducing OpenManipulator; the full open robot platform -- Darby Taehoon Lim, Yoonseok Pyo, and Leon Ryuwoon Jung (ROBOTIS)

Looking foward to ROSCon 2018 we're highlighting presentations from last year.

Darby presents the OpenManipulator and easy way to get into manipulation.



This announcement will talk about an OpenManipulator, one of TurtleBot3 Friends. The previous TurtleBot series was able to perform the manipulation function through 'TurtleBot Arm'. In TurtleBot3, the function will be 'OpenManipulator'. ROS-enabled OpenManipulator is a full open robot platform consisting of OpenSoftware, OpenHardware and OpenCR(Embedded board). It is expected that ROS users will be able to upgrade TurtleBot3 with ease. Our goal is to support most of the functionality we need as a service, academic, research and educational robot platform through TurtleBot 3 and OpenManipulator.


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