More stack releases: visualization 0.1.0, robot_model 0.1.0, pr2_mechanism 0.1.0, visualization_common 0.9.1

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With the releases of visualization 0.1 and robot_model 0.1, we are near the end of our core, robot-generic stack releases for ROS. With the initial release of pr2_mechanism 0.1, we are beginning our transition into PR2-specific capabilities. The 0.1 designation indicates that these stacks are still undergoing user testing and may have some API instability.

  • visualization contains the important rviz visualization tool. rviz is a 3D visualization environment that shows everything from the position of individual robot joints to the 3D sensor data to custom visualization markers for algorithms.
  • robot_model contains packages relating to representing information about the robot itself, including the robot description (urdf) and the current pose state of the robot (robot_state_publisher).
  • pr2_mechanism provides the lower-level software APIs for controlling the hardware of the PR2 robot.
visualization_common has also been updated to 0.9.1.


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