diagnostics 0.3.0 released

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We've released diagnostics 0.3.0. This release is the first stable release for the diagnostic_aggregator and includes numerous bug fixes for the robot_monitor and other tools. The runtime_monitor monitor tool was renamed from "wxmonitor.py" to "monitor.py", so you should now invoke it with rosrun runtime_monitor monitor.py.


  • diagnostic_aggregator
    • GenericAnalyzer has been completely redone, with subclassable base GenericAnalyzerBase
    • New OtherAnalyzer handles remaining diagnostic messages
    • API change for Analyzers, fully API reviewed
    • Stable API, all changes will have deprecation period from now on
    • Updated doxygen
    • Removed xmlrpc++ dependency
    • Regression test
  • robot_monitor
    • Fixed "has_message" function for pr2_dashboard
    • Fixed annoying scrolling behavior
    • Basic regression test (smoke test)
  • runtime_monitor: Basic regression tests added (smoke test)
  • diagnostic_analysis: renamed from "diagnostics_analysis" for consistency with other diagnostic packages.
  • diagnostic_updater/self_test: Minor documentation fixes and features. API review will be complete in 0.4.0.


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