Robots Using ROS: JSK's Kawada HPR2-V

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The Kawada HRP-2V is a variant of the HRP-2 "Promet" robot. It uses the torso, arms, and sensor head of the HRP-2, but it is mounted to an omni-directional mobile base instead of the usual humanoid legs. The JSK Lab at Tokyo University uses this platform for hardware and software research.

In May of 2009 at the ICRA conference, the HRP-2V was quickly integrated with the ROS navigation stack as a collaboration between JSK and Willow Garage. Previously, JSK had spent two weeks at Willow Garage integrating their software with ROS and the PR2. ICRA 2009 was held in Kobe, Japan, and Willow Garage had a booth. With laptops and the HRP-2V setup next to the booth, JSK and Willow Garage went to work getting the navigation stack on the HRP-2V. By the end of the conference, the HRP-2V was building maps and navigating the exhibition hall.

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