Robots Using ROS: Stanford Racing's Junior

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Junior is the Stanford Racing team's autonomous car that most famously finished in a close second at the DARPA Urban Challenge. It successfully navigated a difficult urban environment that required obeying traffic rules, parking, passing and many other challenges of real-world driving.

Those of you familiar with Junior are probably saying, "Junior doesn't use ROS! It uses IPC!"

That's mostly true, but researchers have recently started using ROS-based perception libraries in Junior's obstacle classification system.

From the very start, one of the goals of ROS was to keep libraries small and separable so that you could use as little, or as much, as you want. In the case of the tiny i-Sobot, a developer was able to just use ROS's PS3 joystick driver. When frameworks get too large, they becomes much more difficult to integrate with other systems.

In the case of Junior, Alex Teichman was able to bring his image descriptor library for ROS onto Junior. He has been using this library, along with ROS point cloud libraries, to develop Junior's obstacle classification system. Other developers on the team will also be allowed to choose ROS for their programs where appropriate.

You can find out more about Alex's image descriptor library at

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