What's in the Box: rviz 3-D visualizer

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In addition to core robotics libraries, like navigation, the ROS Box Turtle release also comes with a variety of tools necessary for developing robotics algorithms and applications. One of the most commonly used tools is rviz, a 3-D visualization environment that is part of the ROS Visualization stack.

Whether it's 3D point clouds, camera data, maps, robot poses, or custom visualization markers, rviz can display customizable views of this information. rviz can show you the difference between the physical world and how the robot sees it, and it can also help you create displays that show users what the robot is planning to do.

You can watch the video above for more details about what the ROS rviz tool has to offer, and you can read documentation and download the source code at: ros.org/wiki/rviz.

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