Software highlights from the first PR2 Beta Program Conference Call

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The Willow Garage PR2 robots have been out at the PR2 Beta Sites for only a few short months and they have been busy with research projects, developing new software libraries for ROS, and creating Youtube hits. The first PR2 Beta Program Conference call was recently held to highlight this work, and the list of software that they have released as open source is already impressive.

A partial list of this software below so that all the ROS users and researchers can try it out and be involved. You'll find many more libraries in their public code repositories, and there is much more coming soon.

Georgia Tech

KU Leuven


  • EusLisp: now available under a BSD license
  • ROS/PR2 integration with EusLisp: roseus, pr2eus, and euscollada
  • jsk_ros_tools: includes rostool-alias-generator (e.g. rostopic_robot1) and jsk-rosemacs (support for anything.el)


  • knowrob: tools for knowledge acquisition, representation and reasoning
  • CRAM: reasoning and high level control for Steel Bank Common Lisp (cram_pl) and executive that reasons about locations (cram_highlevel)
  • prolog_perception: logically interact with perception nodes
  • pcl: contributions include pointcloud_registration, pcl_cloud_algos, pcl_cloud_tools, pcl_ias_sample_consensus, pcl_to_octree, mls



  • towel_folding: version of Towel Folding from pre-PR2 Beta Program that relies on two Canon G10 cameras mounted on chest. Uses optical flow for corner detection.
  • LDA-SIFT: recognition for transparent objects
  • Utilities:
    • pr2_simple_motions: Classes for easy scripting in Python of PR2 head, arms, grippers, torso, and base
    • visual_feedback: Streamlined image processing for 3d point extraction and capturing images
    • stereo_click: Click a point in any stereo camera feed and the corresponding 3d point is published
    • shape_window: Provides a highgui-based interface for drawing and manipulating 2D shapes.


  • iSAM: Incremental Smooth and Mapping released as LGPL.


  • OIT: Overhead interaction toolkit for tracking robots and people using an overhead camera.
  • deixis: Deictic gestures, such as pointing


  • articulation: (stable) Fit and select appropriate models for observed motion trajectories of articulated objects.
  • Contributions to pcl, including range image class and border extraction method


  • wviz: Web visualization toolkit to support their PR2 Remote Lab. Bosch has already been able to use their Remote Lab to collaborate with Brown University, and Brown University has released a rosjs to access ROS via a web browser.


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