Motor control driver (CiA DSP 402 EPOS/ELMO)

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Announcement from Stéphane Magnenat of ETH Zurich/ASL


We have developed in-house drivers for EPOS/ELMO controllers, which are based on the CanOpen/CiA DSP 402 protocol.

These drivers are written in C, and we are currently in the process of re-factoring these libraries in C++, with the goal of doing a clean ROS driver afterwards. Initially, the library will contain implementations of subsets of both CanOpen and CiA DSP 402, with quirks for EPOS and ELMO. On the longer run, we will probably split the CanOpen part into another library and add more complete CiA DSP 402 support, including PDO.

I guess that this might be of interest for the ROS user community. We are committed to an open-development model and so contributions are very welcome.

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