Special "Happy Birthday Bastian!" Edition 0.6 of PCL! Now with (99%) Windows support

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Announcement from Stefan Holzer

Hi all,

We've been working very hard to get PCL to work in Windows for the past few days and we are happy to announce the release of PCL 0.6! Because one of our friends and colleagues is turning 30 tomorrow, we decided to dedicate this release to him. Happy Birthday Bastian!

The 0.6 release brings:

  • preliminary Windows support
  • FLANN 1.6.2
  • Cminpack 1.1.0
  • portability fixes for MacOS
  • functionality patches and bug-fixes

Complete change-list

Thanks to all the contributors!

With this release, the core PCL libraries (dependencies and ROS wrappers) moved to the perception_pcl stack, while the visualization tools and tutorials moved to the perception_pcl_addons stack. No further development of PCL will be done in the old point_cloud_perception stack.

PS. Remember to bookmark http://www.pointclouds.org :)


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