OpenCV 2.2 Released

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OpenCV_Logo_with_text.pngOpenCV 2.2 has been released. Major highlights include:

  • Reorganization into several, smaller modules to better separate different OpenCV functionality, as well as experimental vs. stable code.
  • A new (alpha) GPU acceleration module, created with the support of NVidia
  • Android support by Ethan Rublee.
  • New features2d unified framework for keypoint extraction, computing the descriptors and matching them.
  • LatentSVM object detector, contributed by Nizhniy Novgorod State University (NNSU) team.
  • Gradient boosting trees model has been contributed by NNSU team.
  • Experimental Qt backend for highgui by Yannick Verdie. (docs).
  • Chamfer matching algorithm has been contributed by Marius Muja, Antonella Cascitelli, Marco Di Stefano and Stefano Fabri. See samples/cpp/chamfer.cpp.
  • A lot more of OpenCV 2.x functionality is now covered by Python bindings. These new wrappers require numpy to be installed.
  • Over 300 issues have been resolved. Most of the issues (closed and still open) are listed at

For more information, please see the complete change log.

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