Clearpath TurtleBots know how to (office) party

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Announcement from Ryan Gariepy of Clearpath Robotics

Here at Clearpath, we've been busy shipping hordes of TurtleBots to the four corners of the earth. We're really excited to see what all of you are doing with yours, so we thought we'd show everyone what happened when we looked the other way and let them take over the office. Enjoy!

All of the code shown there has been released in the new clearpath_turtlebot stack. This stack is dedicated to giving you more to do with your TurtleBot from the moment you receive or assemble it.

Current demos include person-following, TurtleBot following, and random exploration. Demos do not involve map-building or other complex techniques, making them ideal for understanding what's going on under the hood. If TurtleBot is how you're starting out in robotics, take a look!

As always, fully assembled and tested TurtleBots can be ordered from Clearpath Robotics.

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