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From Mrinal Kalakrishnan of USC to ros-users

Hello ros-users,

We've had this repository around for a while, but it wasn't indexed because I never made an announcement here. So, here it is:

These packages are from Stefan Schaal's CLMC lab at the University of Southern California. It currently includes stacks/packages for the following:

  • Dynamic Movement Primitives
  • STOMP motion planning
  • PI^2: path integral reinforcement learning
  • Xenomai-compatible version of rosrt
  • Generic inverse kinematics with constraints
  • Various other random utility packages

Many of these packages also exist in the Willow repositories, but the ones here are usually newer. Disclaimer: we tend to run a little behind on upgrading packages to newer ROS releases. Please email the package maintainer if you have trouble getting something to work.

This bitbucket repository is a read-only hg mirror of the actual git repository where we develop code The mirror exists so that we can continue to use git and still be able to have all our stacks in a single repository. Please let me know if there's a better way to deal with this.

Thanks, Mrinal

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