ROS Fuerte Beta 1 now available

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ROS Fuerte Beta 1 is now available. ROS Fuerte provides a new build system foundation for ROS, with low-level ROS libraries, including ROS messages, now much more accessible to non-ROS frameworks. Installation instructions for both apt-based (Ubuntu) and source installation are available on the ROS wiki. We appreciate your assistance in improving installation instructions for non-Ubuntu platforms.

A migration guide is available that covers ROS Fuerte changes, including migration from deprecated features that were removed in this release. ROS Fuerte features major changes to the build system that are mostly backwards compatible, but will eventually require more significant migration in future releases like ROS Groovy Galapagos. Tools like rosdep and roslaunch have more significant changes.

Please report any issues on the relevant bug trackers, which are usually linked from the bottom of wiki pages for a particular library/stack/package/tool.

More technical descriptions of the changes in ROS Fuerte Beta 1 are available here:

Link: ROS Fuerte Beta 1 Installation

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