Congratulations To OMPL For Winning The Open Source Software World Challenge

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Willow Garage would like to congratulate the team behind the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL), which was recently awarded the grand prize from the Open Source Software World Challenge. The OSSWC is the annual competition hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy of Korea with the goal of promoting open source software and expanding exchanges among open source software developers all over the world. Fifty-five teams from twenty-three countries participated in this year's competition with OMPL coming out on top.

OMPL is used for motion planning in ROS, as part of the arm navigation stack and as part of the upcoming release of MoveIt!

OMPL is developed and maintained by the Physical and Biological Computing Group at Rice University, led by Dr. Lydia Kavraki. The development is coordinated by Dr. Mark Moll, Dr. Lydia Kavraki (Rice) and Dr. Ioan Șucan.

Willow Garage is proud of our role in supporting OMPL, particularly through the contributions of Dr. Ioan È˜ucan, Dr. Sachin Chitta and Dr. Gil Jones. The award-winning code is based on an initial version of OMPL written by Ioan Șucan while he was an intern at Willow Garage. Sachin, Gil and Ioan presented aspects of OMPL at ROSCon 2012.

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