ROS at ICRA: An Hyperreality Imagination Based Reasoning and Evaluation System (HIRES)

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From Sebastian Rockel

I'd just like to announce a related ICRA talk on Wednesday (15:40-16:00, Session WeC07.6, Room S225) held by myself.

Its about simulation-based prediction of action results in a plan-based robotic system. The system is heavily using ROS and Gazebo.

So if someone is interested I would be looking forward to see you then.

Abstract: In this work we ask whether an integrated system based on the concept of human imagination and realized as a hyperreal setup can improve system robustness and autonomy. In particular we focus on how non-nominal failures in a planning-based system can be detected before actual failure. To investigate, we integrated a system combining an accurate physics-based simulation, robust object recognition and a sym- bolic planner to achieve realistic prediction of robot actions. A Gazebo simulation was used to reason about and evaluate situations before and during plan execution. The simulation enabled re-planning to take place in advance of actual plan failure. We present a restaurant scenario in which our system prevents plan failure and successfully lets the robot serve a drink on a table cluttered with objects. The results give us confidence in our approach to improving situations where unavoidable abstractions of robot action planning meet the real world.

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