Announcing Rhoeby - a ROS Navigation-capable hexapod robot

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From John Jordan via ros-users@

I am pleased to announce "Rhoeby", a new ROS-enabled hexapod robot. Rhoeby
is a customized version of the Robotis Bioloid kit. It uses low-cost,
light-weight 2D Scanning technology available from Rhoeby Dynamics (based
on the TeraRanger 1DOF sensor), and supports SLAM, Navigation and Obstacle

Hardware Used

  * Robotis Bioloid "Spider" chassis (with custom legs)
  * Robotis Cm9.04 MCU board
  * Nexus 4 phone provides IMU (and tele-prescence camera)
  * Rhoeby Dynamics 2D Infra-Red LiDAR Scanner
  * Bluetooth link to robot for command and status
  * Remote laptop running ROS Indigo

Software Features

  * 3-DOF Inverse Kinematic leg control
  * Holonomic-capable gait
  * Odometric feedback
  * 2D LiDAR scanning
  * ROS node for robot control

If interested, you could find more information at:

And see our website at:

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