OpenHAB bridge - Combines ROS with Home Automation

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There is now a ROS  package which provides a bridge between ROS and the OpenHAB home automation system.
OpenHAB is an open source system that connects to virtually any intelligent device, such as smoke detectors, motion detectors, temperature sensors, security systems, TV/audio, fingerprint scanners, lighting, 1-Wire, Wemo, CUPS, DMX, KNX, openpaths, Bluetooth, MQTT, Z-Wave, telephony, Insteon, weather sensors.  OpenHAB also connects to web services such as Twitter, Weather, etc. In addtion, ROS provides a basic Web GUI and Iphone/Android app for setting and dynamically viewing values.
Give your robot knowledge of the wider world
Use Cases:
  • A motion detector or smoke detector in OpenHAB triggers and ROS dispatches the robot to the location.
  • ROS facial recognition recognizes a face at the door and OpenHAB unlocks the door.
  • A Washing Machine indicates to OpenHAB that the load is complete
    and ROS dispatches a robot to move 
    the laundry to the dryer.
  • The OpenHAB MQTT binding indicates that Sarah will be home soon and a sensor indicates that the temperature is hot. ROS dispatches the robot to bring Sarah's favorite beer. OpenHAB turns on her favorite rock music and lowers the house temperature.
  • A user clicks on the OpenHAB GUI on an IPAD and selects a new room location for the robot for telepresence. The message is forwarded by the openhab_bridge to ROS and ROS dispatches the robot.
  • A sentry robot enters a dark area and sends a command to OpenHAB to turn on the lights in that area.
With the openhab_bridge, virtually any home automation device can be easily setup to publish updates to the openhab_updates topic in ROS, giving a ROS robot knowledge of any Home Automation device as well as a number of web services. ROS can publish to the openhab_set topic and the device in OpenHAB will be set to the new value (for example setting a Robots position in OpenHAB).  ROS can also publish to the openhab_command topic and the device in OpenHAB will  act on the specified command (for example turning on a light).
To download and for more information:

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