ROS-Industrial Training

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from Christina Gomez, via ros-news

Greetings ROS Community,
Southwest Research Institute is coordinating with Caterpillar to host a ROS-Industrial Training Class April 29 - May 2, 2015 in Peoria, Illinois. Wednesday at 1 pm, we begin with a tour of a Caterpillar manufacturing plant, and end with a dinner in downtown Peoria. The detailed agenda can be found at the ROS-I website.

The classroom portion is similar to the training held last year with the same curriculum and an added session and lab option for Descartes. Please bring a laptop to the class with the ROS-I training Virtual Machine pre-installed. This class is geared toward individuals with a programming background who seek to learn to compose their own ROS nodes. 
Day 1 will be split into two tracks: the ROS Basics track will focus on introductory ROS skills; the Advanced track will focus on camera/perception topics. Day 2 will examine motion planning using MoveIt! as well as the Descartes planner and Perception concepts. Day 3 offers a lab programming exercise (with a choice of): 

  • Simple Perception Lab
  • Simple MoveIt! Application
  • Simple Descartes Application.

Registration is now open:


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