New stack releases: common 0.7.1, common_msgs 0.9.6, geometry 0.4.4, visualization 0.4.1, simulator_stage 0.10.0, simulator_gazebo 0.6.0

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In conjunction with the ROS 0.10 release, several ROS stacks have been released with compatibility updates and other changes.

common 0.7.1

The common 0.7.1 patches several issues with xacro:

  • Added a flag for only evaluating include tags in xacro
  • Allowing multiple blocks and multiple insert_blocks, fixing #3322 and #3323

common_msgs 0.9.6

common_msgs 0.9.6 contains a new sensor_msgs/SetCameraInfo service and updates to nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid.

  • nav_msgs:
    • Changed nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid to use int8 instead of deprecated byte (no code changes necessary it was an alias)
    • Updated migration rules to handle migration of nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid since md5sum changed.
  • sensor_msgs: Added service sensor_msgs/SetCameraInfo
  • Removed improperly added srv directory in root of stack.

geometry 0.4.4

The geometry 0.4.4 release patches several issues with tf and upgrades the version of eigen to 2.0.9:

  • tf: fixed usage of python to_seconds to to_sec
  • tf: fixed commandline parsing in view_frames for hudson build
  • tf: fixed ~ param usage in change_notifier
  • eigen: Upgraded to version 2.0.9

visualization 0.4.1

This is a minor patch release that fixes parsing orientation out of a URDF (thanks Lorenz).

simulator_stage 0.10.0

With the simulator_stage 0.10.0 release, robot link base_laser has been changed to base_laser_link to stay consistent with naming conventions of all other PR2 robot links (except frames). Please note that you will need wg-ros-pkg trunk r26633+ to work with this release.

simulator_gazebo 0.6.0

With the simulator_gazebo 0.6.0 release, the main API change is that the urdf2gazebo converter tool does not skip the first link if it's not the special "world"-link. Other changes in this release:

  • added custom callback queues for imu, p3d, bumper, camera, laser plugins
  • fix bumper, publish once per update call
  • change fixed axis pseudo-hinge joint to z-axis for better stability (heuristics)
  • support removal of world link from urdf


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