ROS 3D Entries: Teleop Kinect Cleanup

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Thumbnail image for 3Dturtle.jpgZoltan-Csaba Marton and Dejan Pangercic of TUM's "Teleop Kinect Cleanup" entry into the ROS 3D Contest is a couple of demos rolled into one. Using their entry, you can point at an object on a table, then, in the virtual rviz display, move that object somewhere else like a Jedi. You start with a world that looks like your own, but by the time you're done, you've rearranged a new virtual world to your liking.

That's not all. They've also figured out how to make this useful for giving commands to a robot. After you move around a cup in your virtual world to your liking, a command to move the cup can be passed to a robot. Thus, once you've re-arranged your virtual world, it becomes the job of the robot to make the real world look like your virtual world.

If you want to see their robots in action, you can checkout this video of TUM's Rosie and PR2 making pancakes together.

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