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Today we are releasing ROS Stacks representing many of the drivers we are supporting, as well as our common driver and diagnostics infrastructure. These drivers are being released with the 0.1 designation as we are currently performing user testing on them to make sure that they are easy-to-use and provide proper diagnostics information.

  • diagnostics: diagnostics provides a common infrastructure for reporting, aggregating, and analyzing diagnostic information from hardware and other sources.
  • driver_common: driver_common provides a common driver infrastructure that supports driver diagnostics and reconfiguration.
  • imu_drivers: 3dmgx2 IMU driver (based on the driver in Player).
  • joystick_drivers: joystick_drivers contains drivers for generic linux joysticks, the Playstation 3 SIXAXIS joystick and for 3Dconnection 3D input devices.
  • laser_drivers: laser_drivers contains Hokuyo drivers (SCIP2.0-compliant, 04LX) as well as a ROS wrapper for sicktoolbox (SICK LIDAR devices).
  • sound_drivers: driver for playing sounds over ROS Topics.


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