ROS 1.0

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ROS 1.0 has been released!

We also released pr2_simulator 1.0 today, which completes our 1.0 release cycle.

To put this all in context, getting to 1.0 meant completing:

  • 203 ROS software tutorials
  • 29 ROS Stacks at 1.0 status, which contain a total of 186 ROS Packages
  • 21 Use Cases, requiring well over a hundred user studies

We also launched the community site, including revamped wiki, blog, and faster SVN servers.

Development on ROS began a little over two years ago. There have been many changes since those early days, and what started as a little project with a couple of developers has blossomed into a vibrant community supporting a wide variety of robots, big and small, academia and industry.

We hope that this 1.0 release will help the community even more and that you all will continue to participate and contribute.

While ROS 1.0 is an important step, we're even more excited by the many other libraries that have reached 1.0, including:

We look forward to your feedback and improvements on these building blocks.

-- your friendly neighborhood ROS 1.0 team


The focus of changes for this release was on bug fixes, cleanup, and resolving any remaining API issues.

There was one deprecated API removed in this final release, and will require migration for code not yet updated: * roscpp: Removed deprecated 3-argument versions of param::get() and NodeHandle::getParam()

rospy now also warns on illegal names. We have been introducing more name strictness in ROS. ROS auto-generates source code of messages and services. The name strictness ensures that source code can be validly generated for these types. There are also potential features in our roadmap that will require name strictness as well.

For a complete list of changes in this release, please see the change list.

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